EqualityMaine is committed to education and outreach programs that extend and build support for the LGBTQ community in meaningful and sustainable ways. While the form and style of our educational programs vary depending on the issue or audience, we know how important it is for us to provide quality programs that are mission driven and have a positive impact on our community member’s lives.

Our education programing is delivered through a variety of methods, such as media services, educational materials, consultations and referrals, in-person trainings, and collaborative activities. These programs are designed to engage individuals and foster understanding while addressing issues of concern to our community.

Currently our education and outreach is focused on key areas: improving the climate for LGBTQ youth through our Safe Schools initiatives, providing opportunities for leadership development, and increasing awareness around LGBTQ issues, especially related to the Trans community, by providing cultural compentency trainings and consulting with organizations about polices and best practices.  While this list incomplete, it reflects the some of the most pressing needs of our ever evolving and growing community.  

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