Barb Wood


Vice President, EQME Foundation

Year Joined Board: 

Barb came out as a political activist in 1984 by hosting EqualityMaine’s first mailing party. As a founding member, she helped launch our annual awards banquet and the EQME booth at the Common Ground Fair. EqualityMaine created the “Great Pioneer Award” for Barb when she was recognized for being the first openly gay or lesbian elected official in Maine. Barb served on the Portland City Council from 1988 through 1991, and was a key spokesperson for Portland’s anti-discrimination referendum. Most recently, Barb was elected in November 2020 to serve as the state representative for the West End in Portland.

She is happily retired after a 30 year career at L.L. Bean. Barb and her partner reside in Portland’s West End in their formerly condemned and now renovated Victorian-style home. 

Why we list our pronouns

Names aren’t the only way we refer to people. We share our gender pronouns and encourage you to do the same. Gender pronouns are the way you like to be referred to: she, her, hers; they, them, theirs; he, him, his; or something else. We share these because we do not want to assume another person’s gender. 

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